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All sessions require a very high intuitive energy level to access my acute awareness.

Therefore I will be monitoring the timing during our session.

It is important to complete each state with clear intuitive energy to accomplish the desired healing.

This allows me to help you make that shift you are looking for. 

The healing experience will allow you to be more present and to work and live from a more authentic place within yourself and your journey.

Just remember that you can not change others only yourself.
Issue Readings & Rates

I do like to let people know this so there less confusion and fear choosing this process. 

I do not foretell your future. I will not forecast whom you will marry or how many children you will have. Your future is decided by your choices of today. So the future is actually in the present.

The reading/healing will not completely change you into someone else. It is about becoming your true self. 


1) Information stage of your current belief system

2) Clearing and moving out the unwanted beliefs and  their energy

3) Running healing energies through your spiritual system

Before your appointment,  look inside and ask yourself what you really want to examine and. heal. 

The reading works better with a clear specific topic and intention 

Feel free to come in and tell me what is your concern.

I will not see anything that you don't want me to see. It is through the permission of your spirit as to how deep the session with dive.

The more specific you are the more powerful the healing experience!

If you are a  first time client, I ask that you please call me or email me before making an appointment


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