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Powerful, deep, internal beliefs can control our central nervous system as well as our energetic and psychic system.


Many"outdated" beliefs have built up or "lodged in"  our bodies from past events anywhere from a rocky childhood, traumatic experiences, challenging and disappointing relationships, physical issues, and unfinished issues from past lives. 


What we believe we create.


We can adopt beliefs that are not ours. Though clearly from love, we often collect learned beliefs from those who have influenced our identity throughout the years. 

The goal is to be true to ourselves and create our lives from who we are now. Make decisions moving forward that are from our authentic selves.

If you are needing to unblock recurring conflicts and move forward with a new outlook on life with a new beginning, a reading can be extremely helpful and powerful.

Here you will receive a psychic reading starting with the topic chosen seen through the aura, clearing those outdated beliefs and energetic healing.


This work with the spirit will help you to move on with your soul's contract and your spiritual path in this lifetime.


This psychic reading/healing works to help to alter your attitude, therefore, shifting

the decisions and actions you decided to take moving forward.


This can help you to deal with the problem from a more clear,

energetic and less emotional space. 

These are many types of issues in which 

I have addressed offering this method. 

Here on only a few topics addressed:

  • Relationship issues

  • Divorce/separation

  • Phobias,

  • Depression/panic attacks,

  • Confusion, PTSD,

  • Unhappy relationships,

  • Trauma and loss of loved ones

  • Ever-changing phases of life.

  • Business decisions and partnerships

  • Family difficulties

The method is based on changing and transforming your beliefs and

not changing those around you.


This method does not tell you what to do, what career you should

pursue nor how to make more money.


 I do not foretell the future.

This psychic reading/healing is for someone who wishes to change from the inside out and therefore changing their experience of life.

It works best for those who believe to work to change themselves changes their lives.

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