All sessions require a very high intuitive energy level to access my acute awareness.

Therefore I will be monitoring the timing during our session.

It is important to complete each state with clear intuitive energy to accomplish the desired healing.

This allows me to help you make that shift you are looking for. 

Issues Reading &  Rates 

The healing experience will allow you to be more present and to work and live from a more authentic place within yourself and your journey.

One Issue Reading &



1hr 30 minutes



Choose a topic that has been a challenge or recurring for you for sometime.
This is a great start for a first time visit. This session will be timed and runs about an hour and half. This is to ensure time for me to  work and complete all 3 stages of our session.

Two Issue Reading &



1hr 45 minutes



This session will reveal all the information influencing your body, mind, & spirit, following a process of clearing, healing, & shifting your energy. 

This healing gives you permission to be your authentic self & permission to make decisions that are of your own authentic belief system.

Mulit Issue Reading &



2hr 30 minutes



This thorough & deep soul reading/healing allows you to choose several topics that are affecting your life at this time.


It is a session for the great archeological "dig" of any foreign, past, painful experiences that resulted in living with adopted beliefs that are now creating immobility and mental or emotional pain. 

When you find yourself in a confusing, stagnant point in your life and cannot seem to find the answers, take action or even break through decision making, this session will empower you.