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Issues Reading &  Rates 

The healing experience will allow you to be more present in your life. It will help you to work and live from a more current and updated you.

The result of a reading/healing can help clarify your choices moving forward.
Labradorite Stone

One Issue Reading &



1hr 30 minutes



Choose a topic that has been a challenge or a recurring issue for you.
This is a great choice for the "first time visit".

This session will be timed and runs about an hour and half. This ensures time to complete all 3 stages of the session.

Balancing Stones

Two Issue Reading &



1hr 45 minutes



Choose 2 topics which have been a challenge or recurring block for you.


If you are not clear as to what issue to investigate, I suggest to write your thoughts down to gain clarity.


Even though the 2 issues may seem unrelated, the outcome can be surprising.

Many times the issues will reveal a main core belief which has been affecting other issues in your life. 


Holding a stone

General Reading


1hr 45 minutes



This session will look at the 7 layers of the aura related to the 7 chakras There is no specific issue, however many times if reveals what beliefs are currently affecting your energy and thoughts.

Many clients use this option as a "check up" much like an annual exam. It can and offer up many beliefs or information collected in your space.


So it is more an overall reading of your space than addressing a specific issue.

Rock Balancing

Mulit Issue Reading &
2hr 30 minutes

This thorough & deep soul reading/healing allows you to choose 3-4 topics that are affecting your life at the current time.


It is the great archeological "dig" for any foreign, past, or painful experiences that can result in living with old adopted beliefs.


These beliefs can create immobility and/or mental, emotional pain which delays in moving forward.

When you find yourself in a stagnant point in your life and cannot seem to find answers, take action, or even make decisions, this session maybe for you.


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