Throughout this past year, I have been only offering phone readings due to the unpredictability of the pandemic.

Since being fully vaccinated,  I am once again meeting and reading people in person.


However if you prefer a phone reading, that is always an option for anyone in or out of town/state.


My psychic readings/healings do not require  that they be done in person at all.  


The reason being is that we are all energy.  When working with you, I am reading your spirit, not your physical body so the healing gives the same result. 

I have been doing phone readings for people from all over the U.S. for over 15 years since many do not live in Austin.

We are embarking on a new beginning on this earth.

So if we are willing to connect to our inner voice and chose responsibility for ourselves,

we can soar.

Please feel free to set up a phone appointment.

If you are a returning client and wish to book another session,
please wait 6 weeks from your last appointment with me before booking another.

Due to the Increase in Covid Cases I am offering only phone readings at this time. 1/1/22


Psychic Intuitive for over 30 years

Cheryl Chaddick has been a reader and healer for over 30 years.


She trained at Psychic Horizons Institute in San Francisco as she

became a well-known Bay Area professional dancer and Director choreographer nationally acclaimed "Company Chaddick".


Currently, living in Austin and is the Artistic Director of 

Chaddick Dance Theater as well as the owner of 

First Street Studio, Inc.

 "When I started my path in this lifetime, I had 5 dreams

 I wanted to accomplish. All of them have come to pass! This is a

powerful method and helps to unblock your resistance and unlock the confidence to reach for what you want. We are all here to learn 

more, to love more and evolve into a higher more loving being."

She has been doing reading and healing for 3 decades for people

all over the United States.



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